About Us

Who we are and what we do

Infosource Consulting (P) Ltd is a premium integrated company built on a strong foundation of commitment to quality and mission for excellence. We endeavor to provide promising career avenues to prospective candidates by focusing on employment opportunities in high growth areas. At Infosource, we believe that an impeccable approach that revolves around the happiness of the clients is of utmost importance for every organization. Infosource offers clients the best consulting to provide them with customized services and our contributions are the benchmarks in the industry. Our state-of-the-art technology process along with a certain understanding when it comes to managing talent has made Infosource the ultimate partner of choice.

The prime focus of Infosource is on Executive Search, Learning & Development, Recruitment Solutions and IT Solutions. Infosource recruitment team has strong domain proficiency enabling it to deliver high end quality services to an extensive array of corporate sectors. We have dedicated professionals in specialized domains so we bring to your desk a unique talent pool like no other. Our employees have the tools to create breakthrough business opportunities, the expertise to utilize leading-edge technologies and a passion to deliver results.

As we are well versed with the business operations and industrial requirements of various sectors, we conduct the screening tests of the potential candidates in a highly professional manner by choosing the right candidate for the opportunity and consequently saving significant time at your end. To ensure scalability and adapt to the ever changing needs in the marketplace the system is based on a strong technology platform resulting in value for its Clients, Candidates & Consociates.

Our philosophy is to keep the client happy and we believe a happy client is a repeated client !!!.